William "Bill" Callan is a whirlwind of baseball caps, flannel shirts, and embarrassing dance moves. A native San Diegan currently living in Los Angeles, William has only three rules when working: "Be fun, Be authentic, and most of all Be Yourself."

William's love affair with photography began early on in life. After receiving his first camera at age 8 he practiced and pursued photography throughout his primary and secondary education. This passion lead him to the Commercial Photography program at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA. After countless nights in the studio, some rolls of underexposed film, and a few bad haircuts William graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Professional Photography. Upon graduating, he found himself immersed in the advertising and entertainment industry of Los Angeles. 

William looks up to anyone who has ever won an eating contest or can talk as fast as the Gilmore Girls. If he doesn't have a camera in hand William usually spends his time camping, marking things off his bucket list, and drinking enough coffee to power a small country.           

"Technically, I am a freelancer, which is pretty much a modern day cowboy...and I live like a cowboy... by buying quality, locally made jeans. Also, by eating beans out of a can, due to impatience."
- Liz Lemon